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About the Program: 

History has much to teach us, and those who study it are rewarded with a deeper understanding of how the past is a powerful force that shapes our own lives and times. As a history major, you will examine American and global history within several contexts. You will study the historical experiences of American women, immigrants and African Americans; trace the upward and downward mobility of our nation's rich and poor; and learn how diverse cultures created our complex society. Through this multidimensional approach, you will develop the knowledge and analytical skills you need for a fulfilling career in teaching, government, community activism, business or law.


What you'll study - American history, concentrations in African American and women's history

Career Paths - Teaching, law, government

Please also take note of the Common Core and General Education Programs.

Notes and Instructions: 
* Two 100 level History courses or 200 level History courses. * Two 300 level History courses.
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HIS 227
HIS 237